Personal safety

25 03 2012

Personal safety has the word “personal” in it because it is (should be) everyone’s responsibility. Unfortunately there are many people today that do not feel that they need to be concerned with personal safety because there is nothing bad happening to them at the current moment. This creates victims quickly but because these people live in their “perfect little bubble” they remain ignorant of the fact that there are others that reside around them that can,would,will do them harm.

Personal safety topics encompass many levels of safety: from home safety to vehicle safety, out in public awareness to home invasion safety. There are many occasions that someone could attack someone else without being seen and most people do not think about that occurring because, once again, “it has not ever happened to them”. Once it does happen, however, that person or persons will always feel as though that same event will occur again. This is what creates victims and paranoia. It cannot be undone and the fear of the event when it occurred will live that person or persons for as long as they live, wherever they live.

At Smart Tactics, we provide people with personal safety courses, articles on the website, consultation and home inspection with recommendations. This is to help out the public and not scare them. A better prepared public can avoid situations that could endanger their neighbors or themselves, divert a dangerous event away from a home and educate neighborhoods on looking out for one another and remaining aware of their surroundings without becoming paranoid.

Home Invasion

Statistically, most home invasions occur with the invaders entering through the front or back door. Not locking the door behind you as you enter your home is an invitation to a threat to enter your home at will. Because of this, anyone on the outside of the home would not be able to see what is happening on the inside because the person walked right in. Because of this, many end results of a home invasion end horribly for the occupants. The statistics are scary and burying ones face into the sand will not make the problem go away. Threats are becoming younger and more bolder and have less respect for life.

Be aware starting today so you, and your family, can have a happier tomorrow.




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