A standard Question: “Should I use Mace or Pepper Spray?”

26 03 2012

Common personal pepper spray

A standard Question: “Should I use Mace or Pepper Spray?”.

Pepper spray is a good item to have on your person and could be a good deterrent against a would-be attacker but some sprays could take up to 45 seconds to take effect. Always have a “Plan B” if you have to use the spray because being sprayed may not slow down the attacker right off.

Always make sure the wind is on your back and know the distance the specific spray you own can go: smaller baton-style mace usually travel 5-8 feet while the larger sprays could reach up to 15 feet.

Know the expiration date of the spray and purchase a new one if yours has expired. Just because you have not used it does not mean it has not lost some of its power (pressure not impact power).

Wasp spray is a alternative inside a building or home because it can reach 25-30 feet and causes instant blindness onto an attacker and the attacker would have to go to the hospital to rinse their eyes. It is effective, common to have in the home and acts immediately against a home-attacker. Be safe




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