Being safe with a firearm

26 03 2012
Trigger lock fitted to the trigger of a revolver

Trigger lock fitted to the trigger of a revolver (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You would think that just the mere mention of firearms that people would naturally be safe, but that is not the case. Too many times in the news do we see stories of kids shooting other kids with their parents firearm. There are many things wrong with that situation because responsible people should educate their children about firearms, the safety steps to take with the firearms and how to be safe around firearms. Children are naturally curious and will seek out those firearms when the parent are not around. Why? Because firearms are cool and children tend to want to impress their friends.

In order to maintain safety inside the home where there are children present, the firearms should be locked away and the key(s) should not be anywhere that can be found. Children will snoop around in the underwear drawers, under pillows and mattresses and in desk drawers. Having an adequate lockable storage location is important for the safety of those inside the home but the container itself is just as important. If someone were to break into the home they could steal a small container if it is not bolted down or secured in some manner.

Trigger locks are another way to ensure safety. The trigger locks impede anyone from depressing the trigger of the pistol and keeps the firearm and those inside the home, safe. What if someone were to break into the home? This is why planning is important: have the home-defense pistol in a location that can be easily and quickly accessed. Planning now can save the occupants of the home if a threat were to invade the home. Being safe is vital all the way around. Never assume the firearm is cleared: always make sure the firearm is safe and any magazine is located away from the firearm. Double check and triple check to make sure the firearm is clear and safe and maintain directional discipline: don’t point the pistol at anyone and know where the barrel is pointed at all times.




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1 04 2012
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