Being followed in a store……be in control!

27 03 2012

If you feel as though you are being followed while you are in a store, you have options but you must be in control. Threats want to be in control so they have….well…. control. Threats rule and control with fear because most of society will freeze in their place and not know what to do. This is just a small example of what you could do to protect yourself from a possible threat and still remain safe:

Verify you are being followed:
If you feel as though you are being followed, walk into a location in the store that it would seem an uncommon location for the person following you. For example: If you are a female and it appears you are being followed by a male, go into the underwear department and act as if you are looking at bras, if the male follows then move to another department such as the greeting card location. The odds of someone shopping in the same location as you is pretty slim. Once you notice the person is following you, it is time to control the situation.

Ensure you keep a safe distance away from the person following you and try and identify the overhead cameras on the ceiling. As you pass by, acting as if you are shopping, look up to the cameras and mouth “HELP ME” as you walk by. Look for an employee and walk up to them and talk to them about the person following:
-Act as if you are inquiring about an item on the rack
-Tell the employee to go and ask the manager to review the video surveillance and to call security
-Have the manager inform security or the police as to what and where the person that is following you is located
-Ensure you remain around an employee and not cornered in an area where damage can be done
-The manager can confirm the male was following by looking at the video footage and inform the police or security what the person looks like and describe all aspects of the male
-Once the police arrive, the police can detain the person while you leave
-It may be smart to ask the police to detain the person in a back room or office (away from the video monitors) while you leave so the possible threat will not get a glimpse of your vehicle or the direction you are leaving in.

There are many more options available but for this snippet of safety advice, it is important to take away this: do not lose your sense and awareness abilities just because you are scared or threatened. Keep control of your situation by making calculated decisions and actions that are deceiving to a threat but keeps you safe. Be safe and remain aware of your surroundings.




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