Technology and GPS safety

28 03 2012

Technology and GPS Safety
Technology today helps us in so many various ways and makes our lives easier. Even our phones are becoming smarter and smarter. With technology we should also become aware of the safety issues related to that technology. Most do not think about the safety issues related to the technology we have and use daily, only because they have been lucky enough not to have it affect them personally.

With computers: Most people know to have anti-virus software on their computer if they plan on using the internet. If the person owning the computer were to go to a website or open an email attachment that contained a virus they could contaminate their computer but also could affect other peoples’ computers as well (if part of a LAN or if the virus attacks others on your friends list).

With cell phones: Most people understand that they could also contaminate their phones by going online and opening emails. Today, with the threats that exist, it is even more important to be careful and safety conscious. There is technology that exists that allows others to tap into your phone and listen to your conversation; not the conversation that you are having on the phone, but the conversation that you are having while your phone is close by, not in use.

With that same technology, it is even possible for someone to tap into your camera while your phone is on. With that technology, that person would be able to see what is around and possibly where you are located. There are many possible ways that a threat could find you, wait for you and attack. .

With this technology one should be worried about getting set up: having someone tap into the phone to listen to the person’s likes, dislikes, problems that affect them currently etc. With that the threat could come into their lives and become their “friends” and the victim would have no idea that “friend” already knows too much about their life.

Technology is not only what you carry but what you may use daily: GPS in your vehicle. Some vehicles may have the GPS built into it but most people use the GPS that can be mounted inside the vehicle. A GPS definitely makes our lives easier daily, so we don’t get lost as easy. As with everything, technology can fail also.

Safety concerns with the GPS: Location Input

For the ease of use, some people may put “HOME” into the GPS to find it easily. The bad part about that is if a threat/thief were to steal that GPS, they would then know where you live. If you put “MOM HOME” now they would know where your Mom lives.

Solution: If you have to put anything into the GPS to make it easier for you (convenience is desired when you constantly go towards the same location using the GPS) either breaking it down to letters or “code-words” or make the location in the area of the location desired.

In other words: if you were to program your mother’s house into the GPS and her address is 1234 Smith Street, you could program MH (Mom’s House) or use her first name (Glenda) and you could program in 1250 Smith Street.  This way if the GPS was ever stolen, it would only bring them in the area of the home but not directly to it. The same idea works great for your home as well.

If a threat were to enter your vehicle, power up your GPS and retrieve your address under “HOME” and then shut the GPS off, you would have no idea that anyone was inside your vehicle at all unless something was missing. Now that a threat has your address, they can now go to your home because (if your vehicle was at work) they know you are not at home.

Another scenario is if you were at a sports game: if someone were to get your information for home they could easily go to your home and do whatever they wanted to (steal, vandalize etc.) because they would have a rough estimate as to how long it takes for you to get home from the arena and about what time the game would be letting out. That gives a threat as much time as possible to achieve their desired result.

How would someone know you have a GPS? Especially if you take it down and hide it every time you leave the vehicle? If you use the suction cup mount it will leave a ring. If you do not wipe the ring marks off of the window or dashboard anyone walking by would be able to tell you own a GPS.

Technology is a great tool to use and it makes all of our lives easier but if you do not believe that something horrible could happen to you, then you will eventually become a victim yourself. A little prevention can go a long way. It is not paranoia it is proactive towards one’s own personal safety. Be safe and remain aware.




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