Why carry concealed

28 03 2012


Scenario: You are having a great dinner with your husband/wife; you are laughing and having a great time. You finish with your dessert and put on your jackets and head out into the cold evening to enjoy the rest of the night together. As you are walking down the sidewalk, talking, laughing and barely paying attention to where you are going because of the conversation being so humorous and suddenly a man steps out of the shadows with a knife and demands your money!

Depending on the distance of this threat, it may be wise to just give him your money and hope he goes away…but then you do give him your money and he is NOT satisfied with that and wants to forcibly go after your wife. He has a knife and what do you have? Your cell phone? Jacket? Not your wallet because you already gave the threat your wallet.

Scenario: You are grabbing a quick bite for lunch with some coworkers and someone enters the restaurant with a pistol and starts shooting people inside the restaurant. The threat is picking out random people throughout the restaurant and executing them on the spot: women, children, elderly!

Scenario: You are driving into a location you are not familiar with and did not bother to do any research (because why would you) to see what the crime  has been like over the past month or so. You pull up to a light and a group of thugs armed with crowbars and pipes start to approach your vehicle. As you are aware of the group coming from one direction towards you, you do not seem to notice the two that have successfully snuck up around the other side of the vehicle…that is until they smash your window with their pipes and order you to open the door.

Scenario: You are filling your vehicle up with gas so you won’t have to worry about it tomorrow. You just finished with a play-date with your child, who is now in the backseat napping, unaware of what is about to happen. As you are paying attention to the two teenagers that are up towards the front of the store that seem to be up to something shady, you don’t seem to notice the threat that has come up behind you about to demand your keys! You plead with the threat but all that does is anger him further and pushes him to punch you across the face, knocking you to the ground. Now he has your keys and is heading to your driver’s side door to leave with your vehicle…and your child!

Scenario: You are coming out of a store and approaching your vehicle. You didn’t happen to notice that there was a vehicle parked next to your vehicle that had someone inside of it, waiting for you! You approach the vehicle and the person steps out of theirs and tells you to “get inside this car and don’t say a word or I will kill you”.

Scenario: You are working late in the office and everyone else is gone for the evening. The security guard is making his rounds and you are tired and do not feel like waiting for them to escort you to your vehicle (if that would even be an option in most places). You figure it would be okay since there are cameras around the building and the security is pretty good. You step outside and walk towards your vehicle, open the door and enter the driver’s side. Nothing out of the ordinary..until you hear a raspy voice from the backseat that is ordering you to drive behind the building.

Scenario: You are stepping off of the elevator onto a level of the parking garage where you parked, to attend a seminar. The parking garage is seemingly quiet with no traffic. There are plenty of vehicles parked inside and nothing seems out of the ordinary. Then, you smell what could be either a cigar or cigarette that seems to linger in the air. But there is no smoke around and no one present within view and there are no sounds such as footsteps or shuffling or even an engine running. The only sounds you hear are those of your footsteps and the pounding of your heart. You start to walk closer towards your vehicle and you see someone out of the corner of your eye hiding underneath the vehicle across from yours and they have a machete!

Scenario: You come home after spending time with a friend and enter your home and you do not notice anything out of the ordinary. You walk into the kitchen because the phone rings and notice the window over the sink is partially open…odd…you didn’t leave it open because the weather was going to be colder? You pick up the phone to see who is calling and you see a shadow pass across the hallway wall. The only light showing towards that direction had to have come from the living room and something had to have passed by the windows….but you live on the second floor!

The scenarios are endless and all point to a situation where the threats will use intimidation and fear to their advantage. Being able to carry concealed is an option that is available in most States and available to most people (there are regulations and laws against some people whom would not be eligible). Providing that person attends an approved firearms safety class, they would be eligible to put their application in to carry a concealed firearm. It does not stop there.

There is a copious amount of information that is available to everyone as long as they pursue it. It is not wise to get a permit to carry concealed, purchase a firearm and start carrying without truly knowing your firearms capabilities, your capabilities and limitations and different tactics associated with traumatic occurrences and immediate actions against a threat. If you are driven enough to protect yourself and your family, please be driven enough to pursue education that can hone your skills or teach you how to properly defend yourself in dangerous and sometimes deadly situations. Your life may depend on it!

Be Safe!




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