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30 03 2012
Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch

I am absolutely amazed whenever I watch the news in the morning and see home invasions, burglaries and assaults occur…..and I am not amazed that those occur, I am amazed at the responses from the victims. I have seen victims that scream and yell about how the police are supposed to help them and keep them safe, some say it is the responsibility of the law to provide security for the public while they are at their home and many many more laughable excuses.

I have yet to see someone that has been interviewed about a crime that occurred to them where the victim says “it really was my fault, I was not aware of my surroundings and I left my front door unlocked and curtains wide open. No wonder someone walked in and took my stuff”. I don’t think we ever will hear that come out of someones mouth. Sad. So very sad.

There are so many ways to avoid becoming the victim and education is the leading cure of ImGonnaCryInsteadOfBeingProactive-itis. That is a deadly disease that is seemingly running wild in today’s society. Some people are proactive about their own safety and those people are less likely to be placed into a situation that they were not prepared for. We cannot think up every solution to every possibility without going insane but we sure can think about obvious situations and how we would avoid those contacts, areas or situations.

Something simple as understanding how everyone thinks:
-I’m in my home so I am safe
-I am in my home and no one has the right to enter uninvited
-I am home so I have a sense of security
-This is a nice neighborhood
-Nothing ever happens around here
-This neighborhood has a neighborhood watch, so we are good to go

If you are sitting in your home, night or day, you will have a sense of security and safety because it is your home and we (all of us) ASSUME that we are safe because it is our home. This is what threats prey on.

Here is something that is a great first step for anyone, in any home:
Shut/draw your curtains when the sun goes down. During the day, you could stand inside your living room and look out upon people walking by and chances are you will not be seen if those people were to look at your home. Why? Because it is bright outside and darker inside.

On the flip side: if you were inside the home with the lights on and it is dark outside, you would not be able to see out of the windows well or if at all because of the light inside. But on the outside, anyone walking by would be able to see inside quite well. If you have nice stuff or anything of value, well…they may think that they deserve it more than you.

This is a simple step that could help you out or…..continue to live thinking that something bad could not possibly happen to you and then be prepared to become scared and paranoid for the remainder of your life if you do become a victim of a crime. Once it happens you cannot erase that event.

Click here to open the Smart Tactics website: –>Be Safe




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17 04 2012

People do need to be self aware. Its probably not a bad idea to invest in a home security system in today’s day and age. Great post. Love the blog 🙂

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