Pepper Spray and other options

1 04 2012
Fox OC pepper spray "Five Point Three"

Fox OC pepper spray

Pepper spray or mace has been the “go to” for instructors when teaching about personal protection, especially towards women. It has been greatly assumed that if someone were to become sprayed with the average pepper spray device, then that threat would drop to their knees and scream and cry that their eyes were burning. This gives those that carry the pepper spray a sort of power thought that is not true. In some pepper sprays, it can take up to 45 seconds before it take effect. What do you do in that 45 seconds? Have you planned on it taking that long? Didn’t think so. What to do now?

Pepper spray is a great step 1 as long as you remember a few key things:
– Ensure the wind is at your back. I know it sounds silly but you can become affected by the spray as well as those around you
– Know the distance or limitations of the spray:
   *Little batons that fit on the key chains can spray accurately 3-5 feet and in some cases 7 feet
   *Larger batons can spray up to 7 to 10 feet
   *Large canisters can reach 12-15 feet in some cases
– Know the expiration date and replace the container when the date has reached it date
  *For those that think “I never used it so it should still be good”, prepare to be let down. It is safer to replace the container than to hold onto the hope that you may still have a decent charge left in it.

Time limit:
So you end up spraying someone in the face, and lets say that someone was NOT high on drugs, how much damage do you think they could accomplish in 45 seconds? You need to think about that because they are not going to stand there and wait for it to take action against them.

It is important to have a PLAN B every time you are placed into a dangerous position. This would be the follow up plan upon initiation of the spray.
Example: You spray the mace/pepper spray into the face of the intruder:
– Immediate movement out of the area while calling 911 is an action
– Movement to the side to avoid a straight-on ambush
– Defensive posture is needed for proper defense

For those that think: What? Pepper spray does not work? That’s not what I am saying, what I am saying is: there may be such a delay that you could still become the victim and harmed if you spray and “pray” (hoping the threat drops and cries for mercy because of the burn). What options exist? What about wasp spray?
(Merely as a suggestion) Wasp Spray:
– Reaches up to 25 feet (to reach high areas where you would not want to be close to when spraying the wasps)
– Takes IMMEDIATE action/impact onto the threat
– Threat MUST be brought to the hospital to have it removed from the eyes
– Cheap to purchase and replace
– Could work in a Workplace Violence situation as well without looking suspicious
– Stops the threat where they become effected

Wasp spray can be purchased at most DIY stores (Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, Target, etc.) and can be a great, low-cost way to stay safe at home. It is highly suggested to avoid keeping compressed cans of any type or style in your vehicles because of extremely hot temperatures and cold temperatures could create a high enough pressure to cause the can to explode and damage/injure someone inside that vehicle. Always be safe and use sensible actions for personal safety.




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