Having a Safe-Room

4 04 2012

 This is a subject that some refuse to acknowledge or just don’t care. When asked if someone has a safe-room, the usual reply is “I don’t need a safe-room”, “I live in a good neighborhood”, “What is a safe-room”, “I have a gun, I ain’t running to any room” and then best reply yet … “A what?”. Super (sarcasm)!

A safe-room is a room that is designated as the “go to” room in the event of an emergency. An emergency does not have to be a burglar or home invader, it could be a fire inside the home. A safe-room is a room where the occupants (roommate, family, etc.) can egress towards in the event of an emergency. Now, for most people, the immediate “safe-room” for them is their master bedroom and this would be a good thing for them. Why? I will tell you:
Master Bedroom:
-Usually has a bathroom in the room


-Is usually the largest room in the home
-Usually has a window or two
-Usually will have an adequate amount of furniture inside to allow a barricade to be used against the door or an object to keep a threat away from the occupants (cover and concealment as well).

The safe-room is not a room to just point at and say “that room there, yeah, that’s the safe-room so if there is any emergency, that is where you need to run to”. It is important to practice scenarios with the family to ensure they can egress to the safe-room from any location in the home, at any time day/night without any issues.

Having adequate locks on the door on the safe-room can impede the progress of an intruder if it is needed and can also keep “nosey children” out of your personal effects while you are away at work. It is important to also have an emergency egress ladder in the event the safe-room is not on the ground level. Practice should be accomplished slowly and not rushed to ensure anyone that is using the ladder, maintains their grip and can egress safely.

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