Safe-Room “Cheatsheet”

4 04 2012

 Having a safe-room is vital to personal safety while inside the home but everyone reacts differently in different situations. This is why practice is important so evaluation of each person’s response and actions can be assessed and then “fine-tuned” to ensure 100% safety.


The Cheat Sheet in mention is something as simple as a 3×5 recipe card with useful information. Well, what sort of useful information would need to be on this card? Good question but a better question to start would be “Why would I need a card in my safe-room?”. Keep reading…

Why would someone need a cheat sheet/recipe card in their safe room? Because, when there is an emergency at hand, such as a fire or worse: someone trying to invade the home violently, each person will react differently but there is a good chance that even those that react effectively, could have premature memory loss when trying to answer 911 operator’s questions. Because of this probable memory loss during a traumatic occurrence, it is important to have a cheat sheet present to be able to read off the information.

Another reason: What if you, as the adult, are busy trying to keep an invader on the other side of the safe-room door and your child(ren) must work the phone and talk to the operator? Young children can also become so scared that they forget information as well. Having a cheat sheet allows the occupants the ability to read off the pertinent address and name information and that information is enough to allow the operator the time to get the police or emergency vehicles to your location.

The things to write on the cheat sheet:
-Name (Last names)
-Phone number
-(If child is talking on the phone): What they see
-Where occupants are located in the home
-Direction to help the police out (“go to the back of the home and we can drop a spare key down to you so you can enter from the back door because the bad guys are in the front living room”)

This cheat sheet is small and can fit in the sock drawer or night table drawer to be easily accessed if it was needed. The cheat sheet takes very little time to fill out and can save you from going “blank” during an emergency. Operators do not like charades and threats bank on the fact that, just by them being present inside the home, they occupant’s would be scared enough to remain hidden or locked away hoping it “all goes away”.

Be prepared now and create your cheat sheet. This could save you later on down the road of life. Be safe and be prepared.




One response

21 04 2012
Indiana Safe Room

I think this is great advice. Especially since in a time of an emergency, most people won’t think clearly. Also, as you point out, children may have to make decisions you feel you would make if you were there. A cheat sheet in the safe room would help them too. Good job!

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