Trust your feelings…

6 04 2012

Restaurant crowd

It is important to trust your feelings. I am not talking about your feelings about buying a new car, investing in a guitar, buying some shoes, remodeling a home, I am talking about trusting your feelings when you are in a position where you may feel threatened or just “not right”. That feeling, in itself, is your brains way of telling you that something is out of sorts and by acknowledging that feeling you may be able to “sidestep” or avoid the situation all together.

There are many people that were saved from a deadly situation because they felt as though something was not right in the area that they were in and they left. They were spared because some event occurred after they left that either became deadly or there were injuries. Either way, they were spared because they identified with that feeling and looked at it as an “early warning system”. This is something that everyone has and could use every day in their life.

If you are in an area and you do not feel right because of someone’s actions, words, or general “feel” of the environment has changed, that may be your brain telling you that something is in fact off and you may want to remove yourself from that situation. What if you are walking around outside? Same thing although you may want to use stores as an escape route or even restaurants. The key would be to remove yourself.

Trust your instincts. You dont have to be paranoid to be safe, just more aware.





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