Electronics and personal safety

1 05 2012

Today, everyone has a Facebook account, MySpace, Twitter, etc. etc. etc. and unfortunately there are many that are ignorant as to the predators that exist that will do anything to infiltrate someones privacy and/or safety. Even with our cell phones, there are applications that will identify and sometimes show exactly where you are located when you post a picture or social update. Remember, if you decide to place a location to your update:
-others can identify where you are located at that time
-others know you are not home

If you update your social page with where you are at, you then tell others that you are not home. This now makes your home vulnerable for attack, which has happened many times to others:
-A female boasted about her excitement regarding an upcoming concert
-She noted the date of the concert and their (her and her boyfriend/husband)
-The date came and a “threat” did the easy math:
(Concert location was no less than an hour away, they were going to have dinner before the concert by the concert hall, concert was no less than 3 hours, it would take another hour to return = 6-7 hours free rob time!)
-Threats robbed the home
-Occupants came back
-Found their home robbed
Luckily the couple had surveillence cameras on the inside of their home. After reviewing the footage, the female posted a screen capture of the threats that were inside her home.
-One of her friends commented that “she had seen that person before, on her friends list”
-The female checked her friends list and it turns out that the threat was someone that went to school with her in the 3rd or 4th grade.
-The female had a private account where only her friends could see her status updates.

Lessons to learn:
People change and some people you may have on your friends list from years past, could have turned out to be less than trustworthy as life went on
-Anything that touches the internet lives forever and you cannot take things back.
-Anything that you post with pictures could give away your location, family location, friends location, etc. Keep their information private as well as your own.




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