Gun control?

6 01 2013

Due to recent events, there are those that are screaming for more gun control and stricter background checks and so forth. I am amazed at how they think. Truly. I cannot understand how someone could believe that stricter background checks can possibly stop evil? DO they really think that criminals get their firearms legally? Seriously?

Lets look at Chicago: 2012 Chicago had over 500 gun related murders/deaths. Chicago (not to turn it political but that was Obama’s area when he was a senator) has some of the strictest gun laws around (aside from NY and DC). So, if you take the firearms out of the hands from those that are responsible and can legally carry, you end up with criminals that have the firearms and an empty-handed public that could never have a chance against an armed intruder or car-jacking, etc.

Solution: Taking away a persons 2nd Amendment rights is not the answer. Responsibility and honorable people in the political arena may be the answer. Honestly. I bet you can count on two hands the amount of congressmen and women that are honorable, honest and are actually trying to do good for and by others.

Making magazines (yes they are called magazines, not clips-clips go in a females hair) lower capacity would not stop someone from reloading. The media, in all of its glory, likes to throw the “information” out there to gain more ratings. It is apparent that all of the media is influenced from one side or the other. Where is the truth? The average person will watch the news or read it on the internet and take that as the only truth. What is not understood is that each media outlet puts their spin on the truth to try and influence the reader. Check it out, do the research and you will see this to be true.

I am pro-gun absolutely, in the right hands that is. I do not believe that everyone should own or carry firearms. I believe that everyone (to include law enforcement) should have the appropriate training for their environment or where/why they are carrying. Practicing on a range at a paper target once a week will not prepare someone to rapidly defend themselves against a gunman that enters their home and starts shooting-FACT. Caveat to that is: in an indoor range, on a paper target, with the correct instruction (and knowledgeable instructor) the shooter can increase their accuracy, speed and abilities to defend themselves in a rapid, self defense environment. Key words: Knowledgeable instructor, proper instruction).

Helpful (maybe some may think common sense) ideas:
If there is someone in the home that has a history of mental illness or possible mental problems: either don’t have any firearms present and get that person proper medical attention or have a lock-box or vault that no one but the firearm owner can access (key hidden, vault properly bolted to a stud in the wall, etc.).

Kids are curious and always will try to impress “the cool kids”. By that I mean, if you have kids in the home, ensure they are properly educated in trust and responsibility. Trust goes a long way and no parent wants to believe that they cannot trust their children but fact remains that even the most trusted child will eventually try to impress their friends. They will try to show off, steal, break into a safe/vault to show off the firearms, etc. Plan accordingly.

In a society that has removed the firearms from the people, criminals can thrive because they know that they will be the only ones that have bullet capabilities. It should be obvious but one would think that with the economy tanking and nothing of substance being accomplished in the first four years of obama’s presidency along with him accumulating more national debt of any other president, that the people would try and elect someone that can pull the US back up and level us off. How did that turn out? Well, we have obama for another 4 years. What is his platform? Take guns away (as he promised a foreign dignitary). Where is the sense? Fast and the furious: how many people have to die? who was held accountable? Who signed the line overall to make it a GO? Well, we will never know now because Eric Holder (who we know was involved) received an executive pardon by obama for his papers to stay buried and not investigated. Instant guilt being shown and no one takes it for action? WOW

So it is okay to put our sailors and soldiers into harms way for these people to stay in office and make 6 figures while our military makes less than adequate amounts to try and raise their families. IS that fair? My story is known but for those that don’t: 16 years naval special warfare, 2-parachuting accidents and medically discharged with nothing. I was given a severance amount that I have to pay back to the VA for disability. So what did I get for doing a job that most would not want to do? A broken body and constant fight with the VA. When trying to appeal to the Secretary of the Navy for medical retirement, what was his response? Same as politician that does not do the research: I back our Dr’s and the decision stays as is. This is despite the fact that the Air Force re-evaluated my case and recommended to the Secretary of the Navy that I was to be instantly retired! This is my thanks for ensuring our citizens freedom. Great.

Overall, a background check will not show someone’s evil intentions. The people that know those that say things like “I am going to do this or that” or “If I had a gun I would….” should absolutely turn those people in because no one knows what the others are capable of. Start holding the adults and children accountable for what they say or write on social networking sites. Ensure firearms instruction is available and it is available regardless where you live, you just have to look for it and be responsible with your firearm. If everyone holds true to this, more people will remain safe. But alas, our government has their own agenda.

Some states dont allow teachers to be armed. So what are those states doing about safety and awareness classes? After the VA TECH Shootings I personally sent all colleges in VA an offer to provide safety courses and classes to their staff. The answer back from the colleges: “We are good, we have security” “we have our own police dept. We are good”. I recently sent all of the school districts in Hampton Roads VA an email offering a FREE safety seminar to their teachers. How many have I heard back from? NONE as of yet.

This is the world we live in and there are not enough out there that care enough about our society to provide adequate instruction but worse than that…..the average person does not think that they need instruction on pistols or personal safety because “no one is breaking into my home now” and “nothing bad ever happens here” and it is because of that, that these people will become the victim and once a victim, always the victim….always!

Be safe and pursue education. What can it hurt? What can it save you from? Weigh the odds and jump in!


I’ve been shooting since I was……

24 04 2012
An example (open and closed) of a typical gun ...


This is the beginning of a very bad example! I am not surprised (and am saddened that I am not surprised) at the amount of people that think they are safe and educated with a firearm just because they have fired a firearm when they were younger. Some people purchase a firearm thinking that just because they know how it works, they will automatically be safe and accurate with that firearm. Sad.


Every firearm is different and each person has their own skills that they can bring to the table but those skills may not equate to good habits or even safe practices. The skill of common sense, which is not so common any more and not really a skill, does not mean safe handling or safe thinking. The person that swings a firearm around saying “I know it ain’t loaded” or “I know what I am doing” is usually the one you see on the news saying ” I thought it was unloaded” “I didnt know it was loaded” or my favorite “the gun malfunctioned”.


The gun, you see, is an inanimate object that will not do ANYTHING if it is not being touched. It CANNOT do anything if it is not loaded and it can achieve even less if it has been properly outfitted with a trigger lock and is located behind the locked vault or gun safe door. MAGIC you ask? Why, no it is not. It is purely safe handling and education. (*Loud TA DAHHHHHH)


For anyone that is curious about firearms and wants to purchase on for pleasure or security or competition even, please seek out the education:
-Find a certified instructor
-Research different pistol safety courses
-Rent a firearm at the local range to get a better opinion of different firearms
-Take lessons on that pistol
-Buy a safe or gun vault
-Then think about what you want out of the pistol
-Have a friend that is knowledgeable about firearms go to purchase a firearm with you
-Take more lessons
-Educate everyone/ANYONE in the home about firearms and being safe around and with them
-Lock the firearm up
-Hide the key and combination from others
-Be safe always
-Always double and triple check that the firearm is clear and safe


Always assume that a firearm is loaded until you 100% verify that it it clear of any ammunition. Be safe with firearms and never assume that just because someone works in a field such as: Military, Law Enforcement or Gov Position, that they are safe with the firearms. I have seen scary people that were in authoritative positions that should have been safe but were not. It was a sad reality check for me because I, like many, had a “picture” in my mind about certain trades and  occupations.


Be safe and do your homework before you invest in an expensive firearm that you may not be able to shoot (nevermind shoot well).


Avoid the chicken little syndrome…

20 04 2012

Hurricane Jimena at its peak on August 30, 2003.

It seems that there is a lot of buzz about how the world as we know it will collapse soon and that everyone will be in a situation like in the movie “Mad Max”. I am not saying that the economy and leadership currently in power is not crushing the life out of us slowly, not at all but what I am saying is “avoid the chicken little syndrome” otherwise you will end up driving yourself nutso.

Prepping for disaster is a good thing. It will allow you to have clothing, food, water and other essentials if something were to occur but building a cement bunker that is radiation proof and having it underneath your home may be a bit expensive and excessive.

Do some research and find legitimate companies that offer emergency kits and supplies before pouring your money into the first person that convinces you that their “magic bag” will save your life!

Example: I have what I consider my “chosen 5”. These 4 other individuals that I trust wholeheartedly and are very experienced and like-minded as myself. We want to be prepared for emergencies but we are also former or current military. We have created certain items for emergency purposes for the average civilians:
*Grab-n-Go kit: A bag that is already set up for you to grab and quickly leave the home (because you dont have time to pack)
*3-Day bag: This bag is to sustain existence for 3 days
*5-Day bag: same as above

SO what separates us from the rest? We are not thinking about zombies or invasions. We are thinking that this works out well for hurricanes, floods, fires, tornadoes and if, by some wacky chance, civil unrest if it were to come down to that.

Our med kits alone include more items than that of the average kit and can be tailored to the client. We also have an advanced trauma kit for long term use. Our bags are for the average person that is trying to survive and/or protect their family so that they can survive as well.

For those on the law enforcement side of the house, or those that thinking that they would need to use their firearms or just survive in a strange location: we are offering up custom tactical gear rigs. Basic, intermediate and advanced vests. Each has its own gear associate with it and can also be customized to their needs.

We are not thinking that we are going to provide items to save the world but we are trying to educate people so they can save their time and well earned money making practical purchases instead of falling for the many scams that exist today. As always: be safe and shoot straight!

Pepper Spray and other options

1 04 2012
Fox OC pepper spray "Five Point Three"

Fox OC pepper spray

Pepper spray or mace has been the “go to” for instructors when teaching about personal protection, especially towards women. It has been greatly assumed that if someone were to become sprayed with the average pepper spray device, then that threat would drop to their knees and scream and cry that their eyes were burning. This gives those that carry the pepper spray a sort of power thought that is not true. In some pepper sprays, it can take up to 45 seconds before it take effect. What do you do in that 45 seconds? Have you planned on it taking that long? Didn’t think so. What to do now?

Pepper spray is a great step 1 as long as you remember a few key things:
– Ensure the wind is at your back. I know it sounds silly but you can become affected by the spray as well as those around you
– Know the distance or limitations of the spray:
   *Little batons that fit on the key chains can spray accurately 3-5 feet and in some cases 7 feet
   *Larger batons can spray up to 7 to 10 feet
   *Large canisters can reach 12-15 feet in some cases
– Know the expiration date and replace the container when the date has reached it date
  *For those that think “I never used it so it should still be good”, prepare to be let down. It is safer to replace the container than to hold onto the hope that you may still have a decent charge left in it.

Time limit:
So you end up spraying someone in the face, and lets say that someone was NOT high on drugs, how much damage do you think they could accomplish in 45 seconds? You need to think about that because they are not going to stand there and wait for it to take action against them.

It is important to have a PLAN B every time you are placed into a dangerous position. This would be the follow up plan upon initiation of the spray.
Example: You spray the mace/pepper spray into the face of the intruder:
– Immediate movement out of the area while calling 911 is an action
– Movement to the side to avoid a straight-on ambush
– Defensive posture is needed for proper defense

For those that think: What? Pepper spray does not work? That’s not what I am saying, what I am saying is: there may be such a delay that you could still become the victim and harmed if you spray and “pray” (hoping the threat drops and cries for mercy because of the burn). What options exist? What about wasp spray?
(Merely as a suggestion) Wasp Spray:
– Reaches up to 25 feet (to reach high areas where you would not want to be close to when spraying the wasps)
– Takes IMMEDIATE action/impact onto the threat
– Threat MUST be brought to the hospital to have it removed from the eyes
– Cheap to purchase and replace
– Could work in a Workplace Violence situation as well without looking suspicious
– Stops the threat where they become effected

Wasp spray can be purchased at most DIY stores (Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, Target, etc.) and can be a great, low-cost way to stay safe at home. It is highly suggested to avoid keeping compressed cans of any type or style in your vehicles because of extremely hot temperatures and cold temperatures could create a high enough pressure to cause the can to explode and damage/injure someone inside that vehicle. Always be safe and use sensible actions for personal safety.

A standard Question: “Should I use Mace or Pepper Spray?”

26 03 2012

Common personal pepper spray

A standard Question: “Should I use Mace or Pepper Spray?”.

Pepper spray is a good item to have on your person and could be a good deterrent against a would-be attacker but some sprays could take up to 45 seconds to take effect. Always have a “Plan B” if you have to use the spray because being sprayed may not slow down the attacker right off.

Always make sure the wind is on your back and know the distance the specific spray you own can go: smaller baton-style mace usually travel 5-8 feet while the larger sprays could reach up to 15 feet.

Know the expiration date of the spray and purchase a new one if yours has expired. Just because you have not used it does not mean it has not lost some of its power (pressure not impact power).

Wasp spray is a alternative inside a building or home because it can reach 25-30 feet and causes instant blindness onto an attacker and the attacker would have to go to the hospital to rinse their eyes. It is effective, common to have in the home and acts immediately against a home-attacker. Be safe

Being safe with a firearm

26 03 2012
Trigger lock fitted to the trigger of a revolver

Trigger lock fitted to the trigger of a revolver (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You would think that just the mere mention of firearms that people would naturally be safe, but that is not the case. Too many times in the news do we see stories of kids shooting other kids with their parents firearm. There are many things wrong with that situation because responsible people should educate their children about firearms, the safety steps to take with the firearms and how to be safe around firearms. Children are naturally curious and will seek out those firearms when the parent are not around. Why? Because firearms are cool and children tend to want to impress their friends.

In order to maintain safety inside the home where there are children present, the firearms should be locked away and the key(s) should not be anywhere that can be found. Children will snoop around in the underwear drawers, under pillows and mattresses and in desk drawers. Having an adequate lockable storage location is important for the safety of those inside the home but the container itself is just as important. If someone were to break into the home they could steal a small container if it is not bolted down or secured in some manner.

Trigger locks are another way to ensure safety. The trigger locks impede anyone from depressing the trigger of the pistol and keeps the firearm and those inside the home, safe. What if someone were to break into the home? This is why planning is important: have the home-defense pistol in a location that can be easily and quickly accessed. Planning now can save the occupants of the home if a threat were to invade the home. Being safe is vital all the way around. Never assume the firearm is cleared: always make sure the firearm is safe and any magazine is located away from the firearm. Double check and triple check to make sure the firearm is clear and safe and maintain directional discipline: don’t point the pistol at anyone and know where the barrel is pointed at all times.