Courses Offered

Smart Tactics offers numerous safety courses and NRA Firearm Courses.

The NRA Courses:
-First Step and Basic Pistol
-First Step and Basic Rifle
-First Step and Basic Shotgun
-Home Firearm Safety
-Refuse to be a Victim
-Personal Protection in the Home

For those that desire to become an NRA Certified Instructor, our workshops include:
-Pistol Instructor Workshop
-Rifle Instructor Workshop
-Shotgun Instructor Workshop
-Range Safety Officer
-Chief Range Safety Officer
-Home Firearm Safety Instructor
-Personal Protection in the Home Instructor

National Rifle Association

National Rifle Association

Custom courses:
-Home Invasion Protection
-Personal Protection Course
-Workplace Violence Prevention
-Realtor Protection
-Neighborhood and Home Safety
-Safeguarding the home (Inside)
-Safeguarding the home (Outside)-Vehicle Safety

Seminar Coming soon:
– Survival Preparedness
-Advanced Survival Tactics

Come visit our site and start your safety education today! CLICK HERE to visit!


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