Does this administration think we are blind?

15 09 2013

Does this Administration think we are blind?

It does seem that this administration thinks that we are blind, helpless drones. It has to be that! Just has to be! I say this because of everything that has occurred and continues to occur to our Country. The USA, a once strong, super-power that put fear into the countries that were not doing good things for their people, is now being looked at as a weak, spineless, take no action plot of land ran by a weak leader.

When Russia’s Putin calls out our leader and states certain facts, such as:
-Our leader is said to visit Russia to meet with the homosexual groups, knowing that Russia is deeply against homosexuals. Above all: Our leader was not planning on “stopping by” for a visit with Putin. This is an embarrassment.
Putin compares that to him coming to the US and having a meeting with the NRA and not meeting with our leaders. It is the same thing. Our so called leader does not care about that though, because he has proven that he cares very little about our citizens.

-Benghazi: Our leaders (yes more than one) tried to use a horribly-made movie as the reason for the September 11th attacks on the consulate. Despite the facts that they had received the intelligence stating the factions that were going to attack….that consulate….on that date!
Hillary with her “what difference does it make now” statement should have immediately gotten her thrown in jail. But it didn’t. She should never be allowed to hold any office again, yet there is talk that she is going to run in 2016 for our highest office.

We lost 4 Americans in what could have been stopped, avoided or at the minimum, we could have gotten them out of there. Our leaders do not care because they do not have the guts to fight themselves. They have no balls, to put it bluntly. These chicken hearted politicians make the decisions that put our soldiers in harms way and they sleep at night in a nice warm bed, with everything they could possibly need. Our soldiers do not.

-Fast and the Furious: Another American dead. Thousands of guns across the border. Proven to be attached to Eric Holder and yet our leader places executive order on the paperwork so that he is not implicated. So that his “Stalin” did not fry due to blatant incompetency.

-IRS Scandal: proven again that the IRS ‘head cheese” was visiting the WH the week before the targeting of tea party companies, corporations and small businesses. Yet another link to the WH. Nixon was impeached for less than this.

-2nd Amendment attack: there has been a lot of money poured into disarming Americans. Many politicians have been jumping on that train to try and create laws that make it nearly impossible to own/carry a firearm.

NY: Hitler….er..I mean the mayor of NY Bloomberg and his MAIG campaign. He has billions of dollars in the bank. He has spent lots of his own money on this campaign. He has reduced magazine capacity to less than 7 rounds in NY. That is the moves of a dictator that is hell bent on creating a word where it is ruled and not governed. Why has he not attacked our citizens in the past? Because the leadership was different in the WH. He is a cancer and needs to be showered with chemo.

Going after our 2nd amendment rights, our constitutional rights, is unheard of and yet it is happening. This government, being led by someone who did not have to prove his citizenship, who left a state to flounder and flounder it did, just so he could sit in the WH. He has taken credit for our military actions and has stated many “Me, me, me’s” in his speeches. He received a nobel peace prize? Holy goodness. I guess that Peace Prize holds absolutely no value now that it was just given away without merit.

The NSA spying on our own citizens, the million biker march in DC September 11th 2013 which had over 2 million bikers, a 55 mile long trail of bikers and yet all of the traffic cameras showed nothing on the highway. Some cameras actually showed snow on the ground. Who is controlling these decisions?

The media has been exploding with certain stories but are leaving out many other stories. College professors are failing students because the students have an opinion about the way the government is supposed to work, instead of how it is working (or lack thereof). Our country is being shoved into a conflict with Syria because John Kerry, who was indeed a veteran but has a track record of:
-Not looking out for his own personnel
-Wrote himself up for awards and not his personnel in the boat units
-Got himself injured with a 40mm grenade because of ignorance and then wrote himself up for a purple heart and got it (and did not write his personnel up for any)
-Outright protested in uniform

If you take a step back and look to see who has been put into authority positions: look at the Supreme court, WH positions, leadership position and decision making positions. Now look at all of the detrimental actions that have occurred over the past 5-6 years. Coincidence? I think not.

Our leadership has shown to immediate take vacation when times have gotten sticky. He has turned his back on his own state where he was a senator. Him and his wife were threatened with being disbarred. Is forcing a medical plan onto us and yet is favoring certain religions. Is making sure there are more welfare recipients and jobless citizens in our country and silencing those who have been the loudest against him. He has been pulling other politicians into his web of lies and deceit to try and look like major support: Feinstein? Pelosi? Now it looks like NJ Governor Christie and Boehner as well.

Take a good hard look at our leadership today. Think to yourself “what are my children going to inherit” and then remember that with the current administration, if you are older or past a certain age and get sick, you may be told that “it is too bad for you” because the medical plan states parameters for the sick. We all get sick. Get ready to be a number!