Threats getting craftier

30 08 2013

Threats get craftier

It is sad that one has to avoid certain situations because it could be a trap. There seems to be another “new” trick that threats are perpetrating now that includes elderly ladies. It seems that the threats threaten the elderly lady into being a part of their scheme, at least I hope that is the case because it would be seriously warped if the elderly person was a willing participant.

What happens is a vehicle with the elderly person inside either pulls up or is parked in a location and the elderly person asks young women for help. When the young lady comes to the vehicle to see what she can do to help and at that point in time the young lady gets assaulted by the threat(s). Then the young lady gets sexually assaulted/abused.

Whether this is a story traveling around or actually happening, the sad thing is threats are becoming more brazen and I believe that there are many reasons why. I believe that one of the reasons is because the “petty” criminals don’t spend any time in jail. Why? Because of over crowding. Since some criminals feel that being a criminal is a career, they know the system and how to get around it.

How sad is it that criminals get “3 hots and a cot”, which means they get 3 meals (hots) and a bed (cot), and we have many military members that are on food stamps. The military members risk their lives to serve their Country and the criminals prey on those that try to earn an honest living. What politician is trying put a stop to this? No one.

Threats are getting younger and younger and care less and less about the people that they hurt. This is why awareness must be increased on everyone’s behalf. Be cautious everywhere you go and do not let your guard down. Once you think nothing could happen to you, that would be the time something terrible is going to happen.

If you feel strange about someone that just entered the same location you are at or you feel uneasy about a group of individuals that are acting suspiciously, then a quick exit out of that location would be the safest decision. Some start to scream “racial profiling” only because they want an excuse to point the finger at someone else or refuse to admit what it truly is. It does not matter what color the threat is, if there is a group of individuals acting unruly or suspiciously it would be warranted to be suspicious.

Being aware does not mean paranoid, being aware means to be proactive about your own safety and take the necessary steps needed to ensure a safe and happy life. This entails knowing your home, knowing what you would/should do in the event someone breaks into your home, knowing what to do when you enter your vehicle, what you should do if you are being followed and what you could/should/would do in threatening situations.

As always, be safe, be aware and refuse to be a victim.


Summer threats

28 03 2012

Summer Threats

 Being that Summer vacation is almost upon us, it would be wise to think about our home, our children and our neighborhood. There will be more activity going on throughout all of these locations, especially during the evening and it would be wise to be prepared mentally and physically.

Safety of the home:

Having lights on the outside of your home that have motion sensors would be a great idea. There are many on the market and are affordable for most. Having a light that has a motion sensor allows the homeowner an extra added level of safety: threats are less likely to approach your home if they are put into a spotlight each time they get close.

Motion sensor lights are not helpful during the day in keeping threats away, so ensuring your home is as safe as possible is important.

-Window locks: if/when you are not at home, ensure the locks on the windows are locked or activated.

-Shades/curtains: in the Summer, it would be wise to keep the curtains closed if you want to maintain the air conditioner and temperature inside the home. It would also impede the vision of a possible threat that may be passing by your home who may be trying to see what is on the inside, that they may be able to take.

-Sliding doors: ensure the sliding doors have adequate locks and that the door is a newer model that will not allow the glass panel opposite of the door to move. Some models have the glass panel that can be “shimmied” open without activating an alarm. Most use a dowel behind the sliding door (behind the door and inside the track) to stop anyone from sliding or prying the door open.

-Access from the roof: Move any vehicles such as a mobile home or camper away from the house. Having a mobile home next to the house could allow someone the ease of access onto the roof by climbing onto the camper and then onto the roof. The same goes for any ladders or items used primarily outside the home: lock them up when not in use. Avoid giving the burglars the tools they need to break into your home.

Remember that skylights can be broken and threats could enter through the skylight quickly with minimal visibility (depending on the location of the skylight).


Allowing strangers into the home: Avoid allowing anyone into the home that you do not know or trust. There has been many cases where someone comes into the home, whether they were workers that were hired by the homeowners or someone trying to sell something on a hot day and they use the “could I possibly use your bathroom real quick please?”. Once in, they could unlock the window in the bathroom and use it to enter the home in the middle of the night.


Brief the children: Inform the children about the safeties involved when home along and ensure they understand the importance and hazards involved with certain events:

-Talk through the door: inform the children that if someone were to knock on the door, they can talk through the door and be prepared to egress quickly into the safe room if need be. Even if the person on the other side looks like a delivery man/woman or UPS driver, mailman etc.


Threats come in all shapes and sizes and could easily try to talk their way into your home while you are at work: “Excuse me, I could get into trouble if I just left the package here, can you please just sign this real quick and I can get back to work please?”. Some may even use the “Your neighbor is not home, could you please sign for this package so it does not get stolen?”. There are many scenarios to look out for.

-Windows and doors: inform the children in the home to keep the doors locked and the windows shut or opened with the safety latches activated. This way if someone were to attempt to open or break the tabs, the children should have enough time to escape the home or make it into the safe room.

-Mace/Pepper spray: Depending on the age, teaching children how to use pepper spray may be appropriate. Ensure the children are trustworthy and mature enough to understand the hazards and its use and why they should not play around with it. Parents should use discretion when teaching their children about defensive devices.


Defensive devices inside the home: Ensure any and all defensive devices such as firearms and batons are in a safe location where “idle” hands won’t find them to play with them. Children are curious and teenagers may attempt to impress their friends with “my dad has guns” or “my mom carries a baton” etc. This is the start of stories that do not end well.

Activity during the Summer months increase because children (18 years and younger) are out of school and may not know how to entertain themselves or their form of entertainment is impressing their friends by breaking into a home. There are a lot of gangs around and there are some gang activities that require today’s youth to do illegal acts to show their commitment to that gang.


Have a record: Before it is too late, take pictures and catalog valuables inside your home. In the catalog include: cost, where you bought it, when and the name. Then include a picture with it. This way if it gets  stolen, you have an exact listing for that item. Pawn shops are very busy today and will continue to be the place that thieves go to for a quick sale.

Be safe and remain aware and remember: just because you are inside your home, your castle, your safe haven, does not mean someone else is not planning on busting down your door to take your things away from you. You just assume no one will do that because it is your home and not theirs. Be proactive today to ensure you are not the victim tomorrow.