Gun control?

6 01 2013

Due to recent events, there are those that are screaming for more gun control and stricter background checks and so forth. I am amazed at how they think. Truly. I cannot understand how someone could believe that stricter background checks can possibly stop evil? DO they really think that criminals get their firearms legally? Seriously?

Lets look at Chicago: 2012 Chicago had over 500 gun related murders/deaths. Chicago (not to turn it political but that was Obama’s area when he was a senator) has some of the strictest gun laws around (aside from NY and DC). So, if you take the firearms out of the hands from those that are responsible and can legally carry, you end up with criminals that have the firearms and an empty-handed public that could never have a chance against an armed intruder or car-jacking, etc.

Solution: Taking away a persons 2nd Amendment rights is not the answer. Responsibility and honorable people in the political arena may be the answer. Honestly. I bet you can count on two hands the amount of congressmen and women that are honorable, honest and are actually trying to do good for and by others.

Making magazines (yes they are called magazines, not clips-clips go in a females hair) lower capacity would not stop someone from reloading. The media, in all of its glory, likes to throw the “information” out there to gain more ratings. It is apparent that all of the media is influenced from one side or the other. Where is the truth? The average person will watch the news or read it on the internet and take that as the only truth. What is not understood is that each media outlet puts their spin on the truth to try and influence the reader. Check it out, do the research and you will see this to be true.

I am pro-gun absolutely, in the right hands that is. I do not believe that everyone should own or carry firearms. I believe that everyone (to include law enforcement) should have the appropriate training for their environment or where/why they are carrying. Practicing on a range at a paper target once a week will not prepare someone to rapidly defend themselves against a gunman that enters their home and starts shooting-FACT. Caveat to that is: in an indoor range, on a paper target, with the correct instruction (and knowledgeable instructor) the shooter can increase their accuracy, speed and abilities to defend themselves in a rapid, self defense environment. Key words: Knowledgeable instructor, proper instruction).

Helpful (maybe some may think common sense) ideas:
If there is someone in the home that has a history of mental illness or possible mental problems: either don’t have any firearms present and get that person proper medical attention or have a lock-box or vault that no one but the firearm owner can access (key hidden, vault properly bolted to a stud in the wall, etc.).

Kids are curious and always will try to impress “the cool kids”. By that I mean, if you have kids in the home, ensure they are properly educated in trust and responsibility. Trust goes a long way and no parent wants to believe that they cannot trust their children but fact remains that even the most trusted child will eventually try to impress their friends. They will try to show off, steal, break into a safe/vault to show off the firearms, etc. Plan accordingly.

In a society that has removed the firearms from the people, criminals can thrive because they know that they will be the only ones that have bullet capabilities. It should be obvious but one would think that with the economy tanking and nothing of substance being accomplished in the first four years of obama’s presidency along with him accumulating more national debt of any other president, that the people would try and elect someone that can pull the US back up and level us off. How did that turn out? Well, we have obama for another 4 years. What is his platform? Take guns away (as he promised a foreign dignitary). Where is the sense? Fast and the furious: how many people have to die? who was held accountable? Who signed the line overall to make it a GO? Well, we will never know now because Eric Holder (who we know was involved) received an executive pardon by obama for his papers to stay buried and not investigated. Instant guilt being shown and no one takes it for action? WOW

So it is okay to put our sailors and soldiers into harms way for these people to stay in office and make 6 figures while our military makes less than adequate amounts to try and raise their families. IS that fair? My story is known but for those that don’t: 16 years naval special warfare, 2-parachuting accidents and medically discharged with nothing. I was given a severance amount that I have to pay back to the VA for disability. So what did I get for doing a job that most would not want to do? A broken body and constant fight with the VA. When trying to appeal to the Secretary of the Navy for medical retirement, what was his response? Same as politician that does not do the research: I back our Dr’s and the decision stays as is. This is despite the fact that the Air Force re-evaluated my case and recommended to the Secretary of the Navy that I was to be instantly retired! This is my thanks for ensuring our citizens freedom. Great.

Overall, a background check will not show someone’s evil intentions. The people that know those that say things like “I am going to do this or that” or “If I had a gun I would….” should absolutely turn those people in because no one knows what the others are capable of. Start holding the adults and children accountable for what they say or write on social networking sites. Ensure firearms instruction is available and it is available regardless where you live, you just have to look for it and be responsible with your firearm. If everyone holds true to this, more people will remain safe. But alas, our government has their own agenda.

Some states dont allow teachers to be armed. So what are those states doing about safety and awareness classes? After the VA TECH Shootings I personally sent all colleges in VA an offer to provide safety courses and classes to their staff. The answer back from the colleges: “We are good, we have security” “we have our own police dept. We are good”. I recently sent all of the school districts in Hampton Roads VA an email offering a FREE safety seminar to their teachers. How many have I heard back from? NONE as of yet.

This is the world we live in and there are not enough out there that care enough about our society to provide adequate instruction but worse than that…..the average person does not think that they need instruction on pistols or personal safety because “no one is breaking into my home now” and “nothing bad ever happens here” and it is because of that, that these people will become the victim and once a victim, always the victim….always!

Be safe and pursue education. What can it hurt? What can it save you from? Weigh the odds and jump in!


Personal Safety in an active shooter situation

15 12 2012

The horrific act that occurred in CT elementary school was a nightmare that has scarred many involved, if not all involved. This is another case of someone with a firearm (illegally at that) taking advantage of individuals who could not have possibly been armed. Had these teachers had the opportunity and training on how to respond in an active shooter situation, some may have survived this event.

An active shooter situation is when a person with a gun, who is shooting that gun at others, in the vicinity. That is an active shooter. It does not matter if the shooter is targeting one person in particular or a group of people, the person is dangerous to all around.

I have been seeing a lot of traffic going back and forth from some saying “we need stricter gun control laws” and “this is why we need to get rid of guns”. Hmmmmm lets look at that shall we?

If we were to get rid of all of the guns that are legally owned, then the only guns around would be the illegally owned guns by the criminals. Then, we would all have to rely on law enforcement to protect us. How many officers live in your area? How many follow you around on a daily basis? None? Well then, how are the officers going to protect you if they are not right next to you, watching out for danger? Thats right, they will not be able to.

Anyone with a clean record can buy a gun, yet not everyone is good. There is evil in this world and always has been. This evil will always remain and it is up to the honest, law abiding gun owner to continue owning/carrying that gun safely as they have done. The news very rarely tells you about the firearm owner that saved his family from attackers, or the woman that shoots a rapist or the elderly person that shoots an intruder that assaulted them. Why? You tell me.

It seems that there are those in high government offices that believe that firearm laws should be stricter and become harder and harder to legally own. Right now it is assault rifles, next will be semi-automatic pistols and then revolvers and finally shotguns. By why stop there, knives are next, crossbows, bows, arrows, forks, spoons, chopsticks, etc. are going to be banned. Why? Because someone, somewhere will call those weapons. What kind of government is that? That is not a constitutional government.

Back to personal safety and the victims of the school shooting in CT: If the teachers had been properly trained and practice that training once a week, they may have been prepared to act immediately. Everyone had to have been scared, which would be absolutely normal, but many of them (reports have said) acted quickly to save the children, which is awesome. Unfortunately some of those teachers died because of it. That is sad.

Active training means investing the time and energy into creating different scenarios for these schools to practice in order to fine tune reaction times and objectives. By watching a video every 6 months or reading a PDF notice on safety, no one is going to be prepared for an active shooter situation. What about the students, although very young, these poor children would not know what to do other than possibly hide (once they figure out what is happening-then it could be too late). If these children were forced to practice, once a week, different dangerous situations, their reactions could have been programmed into them in order to save some more lives.

Would have, could have, etc. I know, I know, it is in the past but I doubt anyone will forget about this for a very long time. I bet few people out there right now remember the church shooting on the sunday school students in that rural community. I bet the families involved still remember that nightmare.

I created a course specifically for teachers and personal protection and ememergency perparedness and sent out a proposal to all of the schools in the state of VA. I received one response and that response was “we are good, our security department will take care of any threats that come around”. Amazing. Another case of “we dont need any personal protection training because nothing ever happens here”. Yet, people will scream and yell and stomp their feet about “why cant we get more help” and “this should never have happened” etc. Now they would want training. Why does society want to wait until they are the victim before they try to seek out the education to keep them safe?

I offer free personal protection seminars, I offer free safety training on saturday mornings and guess how many showed up? None. I offer the location, student guides and training for free and no one shows up because they are too busy and “we live in a good neighborhood” and “nothing bad ever happens in our areas”. Once a victim, forever a victim. This is a fact. There are many, FREE, steps that can be taken by EVERYONE to gain education to remain safe and avoid having a home invasion, assault, burglary etc. happen to them but no one is taking those steps. Why? I have not a clue…… and I am saddened at that.

Instructors with no muzzle discipline!

5 04 2012

Safety First

One of my pet peeves is seeing firearms instructors that put themselves out there via the internet (Youtube, Facebook, Websites, etc.) and show the world that they, themselves, do not abide by the safety rules that each and every instructor is supposed to do. It does not matter if you are a basic firearms instructor, military firearms instructor, tactical instructor, law enforcement instructor, SWAT instructor, or king 6-gun-ninja instructor, safety means safety and if you can’t show your students that you can be safety, why should they listen to you?

I have seen videos of instructors that claim to be the “best of the best” and they may absolutely be one of the best but then they ruin it by continuing on with their video and pointing their firearm at the audience. Even if the firearm in question is a “blue gun” or “shape” or “rubber gun”, whatever you want to call it, it is a firearm. I have had a couple of personal attempts towards me via personal attacks because I had mentioned this to the instructor. I am a “train how you fight and fight how you train” instructor and believe that safety should always be number one on the list of things to teach to my students. Regardless who that students are.

I had a law enforcement instructor tell me that he teaches his cadets about firearms and he uses a blue gun with them and “sweeps” (moves the barrel towards them and passed them) them because they know that “it is fake”? So now there are many newly appointed officers that do not have a clear concept regarding being truly safe with a firearm. But they won’t really know that now will they? Not so much.

I truly do not care how professional someone is or how much they boast that they are the best of the best, if I hear someone boast about how professional and expert they are and they sweep a barrel in my direction, I am leaving that area because that instructor, the “professional”, is going to end up “accidentally” shooting someone who they are trying to teach. Fact!

If you want a great example, try going to Youtube and type “DEA AGENT shoots self in the foot”. Find the best quality video that has the audio as well. I am sure this instructor lost his job because of this, but this is another example of what could go wrong, when you think it will never happen to you.

As always: be safe, take a class and shoot straight.


Women do not be fooled, gain the education before purchasing a firearm

31 03 2012

Shiny guns, pink handles, pink accessories and the combination it all. This is marketing at its finest. Marketing to who? Women. Men are usually the ones that are gun enthusiasts and for many, many years men were the ones using those guns for competition, pleasure firing, war or hunting. Currently, women are making it known that they are a force to be reckoned with on the competition front. Women are taking trophies and placing first in many categories and could hold their own against most men.

Since sports stores, gun shops and firing ranges were successful in customizing their shops and marketing to get the men into their stores and buying their items, their focus changed to women. What better way to make more money, sell more items and provide an avenue for husbands to purchase more firearms (if the wife gets a firearm, the husband could vie for a new one himself). This is not a bad idea as long as there are people behind those counters that can actually “do the right thing” for the customer and not go through the motions to make a sale.

With manufacturers making pink pistols and pink rifles, in hopes to draw more females into their financial web, these manufacturers are making money because women are purchasing these firearms. Maybe they think they are pretty, maybe they think the pink means it won’t make a loud noise because of its feminine look or maybe they truly like the firearm AND the color pink. The fear would be that because some females are purchasing these firearms, they may not necessarily seek the education needed to safely and sufficiently operate the firearms.

Some businesses will have their salesmen that try to sell to everyone and anyone, regardless what the item is or if that person needs it. Other businesses will actually put the customer ahead of a commission if the item is not right for the customer. The dangerous thought is of the business that will convince a woman that a firearm is perfect for her just because of the color.

Conversation that was witnessed:

#1 is the woman at a sports store
#2 is the salesman behind the counter
#3 is the woman’s husband

ST: Where I interject to try and better educate those, male and females, about dealing with this situation

#1: I am looking to purchase a firearm for myself
#2: Well, that is what I do, what caliber are you looking for?
#1: I dont know
#2: Well, I have this 357 revolver that most women can fire, it is small and silver and holds 6 bullets

ST: A salesman that cares would have asked: What do you want it for? Personal Safety, Conceal carry, to practice on the range? Home Protection? Have you ever fired a pistol before?

#1: I want to be able to protect myself
#2: Salesman Puts down the 357 and picks up the 44 magnum) If you want to make a bad person go away, this will do the job (looks at the husband) you know what I mean, right sir?

#3: I have no idea about firearms at all.

#2: Oh? Well, the perfect home protection weapon is the shotgun (Puts revolver away and takes a shotgun off of the wall and cycles the slide) You hear that? That sound will scare away any intruder from your home because they know that sound.

#1: I dont know.

Thankfully they walked away. The salesman tried to convince someone that they needed to have a shotgun because the sound of the slide being racked will scare away a threat, just by the sound alone. If that women and her husband purchased that shotgun and went home, what would they do with that shotgun? Would they purchase a cabinet to house the shotgun? Would they seek the education needed to safely handle the shotgun? Would they practice moving throughout their home to see how easy or difficult it would be to move throughout with a shotgun? Would they truly believe that the sound alone would be enough to scare away an intruder? Possibly.

When looking for a firearm, first decide what you want that firearm for: pleasure (ownership, practicing on the range, to hang above a fireplace), sport (hunting, competition) or protection (personal, family, home or travel). Once you decide what you want the firearm for, then seek the education about the firearms by doing some research:
-The internet does have great information (providing the information is not opinion and can quote sources, plus wikipedia is not a 100% reliable source)
-Bookstores have numerous books on the subjects of firearms and since most sell beverages, one could go to a bookstore, buy a coffee and sit down with a book and read up on the subject.
-Gun shops and ranges have knowledgeable people that work there and by approaching them with a starting phrase such as “I am not buying today, just looking for information to make a better decision or choice”. That may shift the person behind the counter from salesman to educator.
-Library: the library is still a location that provides a copious amount of information on subjects and is free to all that want to sit and read.

Read up on caliber, size, cost, use and recommendations for the firearm. If you happen to have someone that you know that is well versed in the subject of firearms, it would be wise to ask him/her to accompany you to the gun shops as added insurance. Having a knowledgeable friend that is willing to do most of the talking to a salesperson is invaluable to a first-time gun owner.

Once you have an idea of the caliber and price range you like, it would be time to shop around. Go to a gun store or sports store and ask to see the firearms that you like or are interested in. Pick the firearm up and grip it. Evaluate the weight, size, look, feel and price. If it is too big, too pricy, too heavy, etc. then put it down and move on. If it does not fit your criteria there then it won’t get any better once you get it home. Once you are done lifting and evaluating at that store, leave. Leave the store and do not make a purchase. This will help you in the long run.

You can think about the firearms that you held and go over the pros and cons of each. If you liked one, why did you like it? Once you narrow down your search to a couple of firearms, go to a firing range and rent one that you liked. Purchase a box of ammunition and fire the pistol that you liked. This will give you a better understanding of that firearm: recoil, weight when loaded and accuracy of shots fired. If you do not already have the knowledge regarding the fundamentals of marksmanship, please attend a firearm safety course first.

If you did not like the firearm for one reason or another, rent another one. Continue renting firearms until you feel you know which one you would like to purchase. If you are considering carrying the firearm for personal protection, you should research the laws in your State to ensure you do not break any laws, especially dealing with firearms. Some locations will teach conceal carry courses and those are usually great courses for information regarding the “do’s and don’ts” of firearms and carrying in that State. Ignorance is not a defense (But officer, I didn’t know”).

If you need to seek out the education, do research on the businesses that offer safety courses to ensure the instructors are legitimate and the cost of the course is reasonable. There are many great instructors that exist in every State and they are more than willing and able to teach someone the fundamentals with firearms and the safety that must accompany firearms as well. Please do not purchase a firearm because it is pretty because “pretty” can make you a victim quickly.

There are many students that I have taught that offered up “I bought a pistol and put it in my purse and have carried it there for many years”. Having a pistol does not make you bullet-proof, nor does it guarantee safety. One on hand if you carry a firearm in your purse and you do not have a conceal permit or license you would be breaking the law. On the other hand if you carry a firearm in your purse, the items, dust, dirt and lint inside that purse could cause the firearm to malfunction when you need that firearm to function.

There is nothing wrong with a pink pistol or rifle because the pistol and rifle will still fire a bullet out of it, as long as the person that buys said pistol seeks out the education to properly fire that pistol while remaining safe. It does not take much effort to seek out the education and that education could save your life, the lives of your family and/or the lives of those around you.

Be safe, remain aware and ask questions: just because you have seen someone else use a firearm on television, movies or at the range does not mean you know how to fire a firearm safely and accurately. Gain the education today to avoid a dangerous situation tomorrow.

Gun ownership

28 03 2012

Gun Ownership 

Many will have their opinion about gun ownership and politicians will continually attempt to support or go against guns and gun ownership, there are reasons for both sides. Some could say that some opinions go “over the top” with their efforts. I would have to say, as my opinion, that I would consider an “over the top” opinion and effort to be sneaking gun bans into congressional bills expecting the bill to get passed without noticing some new change to our already confined ownership. That would be “over the top” in my eyes.

I agree with some that state “guns should not be owned by some”, absolutely, but those some are those that purchase firearms only to commit crimes or to do bad things. How do you stop that type of ownership? No one will know, ever! There will always be a way to purchase firearms no matter where you are. I believe that not everyone should own, carry or fire a gun. Not everyone can safely handle a firearm but I am sure that even the most ignorant of owners would be able to tell you how a gun works, even in the most basic of terms.

Many purchase firearms because of what they look like. We all want a good looking firearm but I am talking about the “bling”. Some purchase a firearm just because of the way it looks and not because it suits their needs. Then, when they get to the range to try that firearm (if they even go to that extent) they find out that it does not work out for them more often than not. That is a waste of a good firearm.

Some will own firearms but never take a safety course. Then, when something happens, they blame the firearm. Last time I checked a firearm cannot fire itself, especially if that firearm is unloaded. Firearm accidents happen, mistakes happen but common sense could stop a lot of the accidents. Safety courses can provide many tools and tips that could keep an owner and their family safe.

A third-generation 9mm Glock 17 with a cable lock.

A third-generation 9mm Glock 17 with a cable lock.

There exist people that believe that they have been shooting guns their entire lives so they do not need a firearm safety class. Once again, they have fired guns their whole life and never had a problem. Does that mean they have been doing everything correctly their whole life or that they have been lucky their whole life? Whatever the case, firearm safety and keeping the family safe along with being responsible could provide a safe and fun gun ownership.


A lot of the people that are taken to the range have been “scarred” previously because of past experiences:

Being forced to fire a large firearm
-Not being told what is going to happen
-Made to fear a firearm as a young child
-Made fun of when they fired a firearm they were not trained on and they dropped the firearm
-many, many more situations.

The anticipation of those people when they are on the range, getting ready to pull the trigger after a traumatic experience behind a firearm in the past, is large. Some almost get to the point where they start to shake or cry. It is up to the instructor at that moment in time to be there for their student! Coach them, be patient with them and be ready for anything in order to keep things safe on the range. The student may or may not pull the trigger on the first attempt, do not get frustrated at them because of this, have them stand next to you while you put a bullet into the target. The sound is the biggest deterrent to scared shooters.

It has been noticed on numerous occasions where there were two people on the range and there were pieces of that range (ceiling) shattering everywhere. A definite sign of bad things. Then, upon listening to the “helper” of that person explain things, it was realized that that person really had no idea how to fire safely either. Then the target system crashed to the ground in their lane because the shooter that knew not what they were doing managed to shoot the cable system   down and break it completely.

Having a gun does not make someone a shooter, shooting a gun does not make someone a marksman and owning and firing a gun does not make someone a tough guy or gal. Some people are more of a danger to themselves then they are to anyone else. Having that person in existence makes me worry about my own safety when out in town. I carry for self protection: to protect my family and myself. I would only use it as a last resort and in an imminent danger situation not just a dangerous situation.

Firearms may produce the same end result but each and every firearm is different in their own way and not every firearm can be used effectively by everyone. This is why it is recommended to search and research to find a firearm that fits your need and your budget and then to rent it out in town at an indoor/outdoor range. Renting it saves the person from buying a firearm that they cannot use. If it works well for them and meets all of the criteria then it could be a safe buy, if it does not, then that person knows right then and there.

Not everyone should own a firearm, not everyone should fire a firearm and not everyone own firearms that are legal. Criminals do not register their firearms. If, in fact, laws were passed that gun ownership was illegal, then the law abiding citizens would have to give up their firearms while the criminals would not (as I am sure they would not suddenly gain a conscience and turn theirs in). Making the right decisions, gaining the education and experience behind a firearm and being a responsible owner and user of firearms is a wonderful thing and can bring about many years of security, protection and fun times.

Being safe is always the number one concern of firearm ownership and not listening to others when they tell you “you should not carry a gun, it is dangerous”, “guns kill people every day, do you want that on your conscience?” or “You don’t know how to use a firearm and are going to hurt someone” is vital to be confident in your decision. There are many firearm safety courses that exist and many courses that also promote “women only” courses so the women become more comfortable without worrying about any men in the class. Research courses in your area, then research the bio of the instructors to ensure you are getting the best possible training and then commit to that training.

Once a safety course is accomplished, shooting lessons can follow as well. Shooting at a target at a set distance is fun and many people/gun owners have guns for just that reason. Others purchase firearms for home safety/protection reasons. Whatever the reason, shooting lessons are always a plus and can enhance the shooters knowledge, proficiency and confidence behind their own firearm. Search now and get to know your firearm today!

Why carry concealed

28 03 2012


Scenario: You are having a great dinner with your husband/wife; you are laughing and having a great time. You finish with your dessert and put on your jackets and head out into the cold evening to enjoy the rest of the night together. As you are walking down the sidewalk, talking, laughing and barely paying attention to where you are going because of the conversation being so humorous and suddenly a man steps out of the shadows with a knife and demands your money!

Depending on the distance of this threat, it may be wise to just give him your money and hope he goes away…but then you do give him your money and he is NOT satisfied with that and wants to forcibly go after your wife. He has a knife and what do you have? Your cell phone? Jacket? Not your wallet because you already gave the threat your wallet.

Scenario: You are grabbing a quick bite for lunch with some coworkers and someone enters the restaurant with a pistol and starts shooting people inside the restaurant. The threat is picking out random people throughout the restaurant and executing them on the spot: women, children, elderly!

Scenario: You are driving into a location you are not familiar with and did not bother to do any research (because why would you) to see what the crime  has been like over the past month or so. You pull up to a light and a group of thugs armed with crowbars and pipes start to approach your vehicle. As you are aware of the group coming from one direction towards you, you do not seem to notice the two that have successfully snuck up around the other side of the vehicle…that is until they smash your window with their pipes and order you to open the door.

Scenario: You are filling your vehicle up with gas so you won’t have to worry about it tomorrow. You just finished with a play-date with your child, who is now in the backseat napping, unaware of what is about to happen. As you are paying attention to the two teenagers that are up towards the front of the store that seem to be up to something shady, you don’t seem to notice the threat that has come up behind you about to demand your keys! You plead with the threat but all that does is anger him further and pushes him to punch you across the face, knocking you to the ground. Now he has your keys and is heading to your driver’s side door to leave with your vehicle…and your child!

Scenario: You are coming out of a store and approaching your vehicle. You didn’t happen to notice that there was a vehicle parked next to your vehicle that had someone inside of it, waiting for you! You approach the vehicle and the person steps out of theirs and tells you to “get inside this car and don’t say a word or I will kill you”.

Scenario: You are working late in the office and everyone else is gone for the evening. The security guard is making his rounds and you are tired and do not feel like waiting for them to escort you to your vehicle (if that would even be an option in most places). You figure it would be okay since there are cameras around the building and the security is pretty good. You step outside and walk towards your vehicle, open the door and enter the driver’s side. Nothing out of the ordinary..until you hear a raspy voice from the backseat that is ordering you to drive behind the building.

Scenario: You are stepping off of the elevator onto a level of the parking garage where you parked, to attend a seminar. The parking garage is seemingly quiet with no traffic. There are plenty of vehicles parked inside and nothing seems out of the ordinary. Then, you smell what could be either a cigar or cigarette that seems to linger in the air. But there is no smoke around and no one present within view and there are no sounds such as footsteps or shuffling or even an engine running. The only sounds you hear are those of your footsteps and the pounding of your heart. You start to walk closer towards your vehicle and you see someone out of the corner of your eye hiding underneath the vehicle across from yours and they have a machete!

Scenario: You come home after spending time with a friend and enter your home and you do not notice anything out of the ordinary. You walk into the kitchen because the phone rings and notice the window over the sink is partially open…odd…you didn’t leave it open because the weather was going to be colder? You pick up the phone to see who is calling and you see a shadow pass across the hallway wall. The only light showing towards that direction had to have come from the living room and something had to have passed by the windows….but you live on the second floor!

The scenarios are endless and all point to a situation where the threats will use intimidation and fear to their advantage. Being able to carry concealed is an option that is available in most States and available to most people (there are regulations and laws against some people whom would not be eligible). Providing that person attends an approved firearms safety class, they would be eligible to put their application in to carry a concealed firearm. It does not stop there.

There is a copious amount of information that is available to everyone as long as they pursue it. It is not wise to get a permit to carry concealed, purchase a firearm and start carrying without truly knowing your firearms capabilities, your capabilities and limitations and different tactics associated with traumatic occurrences and immediate actions against a threat. If you are driven enough to protect yourself and your family, please be driven enough to pursue education that can hone your skills or teach you how to properly defend yourself in dangerous and sometimes deadly situations. Your life may depend on it!

Be Safe!