Smart Tactics also helps those that have gotten out of the military. Smart Tactics is a Disabled Veteran owned and run business and we try to help as many veterans as possible. Getting out of the service can be scary but not knowing what to do, where to go or how to deal with the Veterans Administration can be intimidating but very much challenging mentally and physically.

Our experience:
I got out of the service after 16 years with a medical discharge. No retirement, no medical retirement, no support, no handshake.. but I did get a severance package for serving my country for 16 years. Severance package….which equated to: receiving an amount of money for the time I served…which ALL has to be paid back to the Veterans Administration until it is paid BACK in its entirety. So how could that be called a severance package? Not sure but that is how it has played out. So, in effect, once I pay everything back, to the penny, to the VA that would mean I receive nothing for my 16 years of service in Special Warfare other than a lot of daily pain that I cannot escape and a monthly disability check.

Life is not, has not and will not ever be the same and I am not alone in this situation. If you are a veteran that got out of the service and need consultation please feel free to contact us to avoid this situation yourself. I have been fighting the VA for the past 6 years and it has caused me to contact the media and those in congress and the Senate for help. Avoid this by getting help from those that have already gone through it to save yourself the headache and wasted time. We help because it is the right thing to do! and look for the Veterans page on the side of the front page.


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